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Active Car Wash is a steam wash program created by ACT – Automobile Cleaning Technologies, a venture of Inventa Cleantec. Inventa Cleantec is as an ISO certified company involved in manufacturing of vehicle washing systems, including Automatic Car Wash Plants and much more.

The Detailing Studio

The Detailing Studio was born from our desire to do something much bigger and much better. Car detailing involves cleaning and reconditioning the interior and exterior of your car.Our aim is to restore the paintwork, eliminate scratches or swirl marks and make your car look better than what it did the day it left the showroom.

IGL Coatings

IGL Coating is a formulator of industrial coatings. Since the launch, IGL is represented in 52 countries with more than 1000 installers and the number is only growing.Inventa Cleantec is the only Exclusive Authorised Distributor and master installer across India. IGL Coatings are eco-friendly, efficient and made of premium ingredients.