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You are never alone in your car

You’re driving back home after a long day at work. After the entire day’s heat, you are absolutely loving the cool gush of air from your car’s AC. Just then it hits you – the foul smell in your car.

You think you are alone in the car when you have no one else riding along?

Think again!

Car ACs are one of the most favourite breeding grounds for bacteria, fungi and mould. This results into an unpleasant smell in your car. The smell is not the only thing, these illegal inhabitants cause various health hazards.

It is strongly advised to keep your cars’ AC vents clean and microorganism-free. But don’t you worry, there are various ways to combat this. By using your air conditioning weekly (for at least 10 minutes), running the defrost setting after long periods of use and most importantly, having the system serviced regularly.

The next time you have any kind of a smell in your car, rather than spraying some air freshener, let a professional handle it. Spraying is easy but it’s only a temporary solution for a far bigger and worse problem.

This summer save yourself & your family from these illegal, unwanted inhabitants of your car. Come by our Active Car Wash centres and let us have a look. Takes only 15 minutes to disinfect and deodorise. So make an appointment to see us today!

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