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Save Water, Save Earth

By 2030 we will have water to support only 40 % of the population on our planet. Our children will be the worst effected. It is our moral duty to adopt alternative means and save water.

When we take our car for washing to a conventional pressure wash station, we use more than 500 litres of precious water, which is normally not even recycled. Today there are possibilities to use alternative methods using only 15 litres of water to give an even better wash to your car.

Giving steam wash is an efficient way to achieve excellent results and it also gives the possibility of totally eliminating the use of chemicals, leaving no residues, making it completely eco friendly.

Steam is produced through an easy to operate diesel fired machine using only a single phase 350 watt electric connection, which can even be operated through a 500 VA inverter. Steam produced at 10 bar with a temperature of 150 degree Celsius has the potential of removing the tough road film – just water cannot achieve this. (Road film ,a mix of carbon from the tires of vehicles, dust from the road and of hydrocarbon fumes coming from vehicles.) Once the road film is removed your car’s original shine and colour is restored.

It is completely safe to direct the steam on to the car’s surface with the help of a gun by a professional and follow wash programs made by leading experts in Car Care from Italy.

A good machine gives you the possibility of increasing the moisture in the steam, which can be intelligently used to achieve various tasks in case cleaning.

Steam can be effectively used to clean the upholstery, the plastics and trims. With its germ-killing capability it gives the advantage of disinfection. It is also an effective way to clean the air conditioning.

These days you have electronics in the engine compartment, and it is almost a complete no from all vehicle manufacturers to the use of water under the hood. In such situations steam cleaning offers a most effective eco friendly way to achieve degreasing.

Imagine you can achieve all of the above and use ONLY 10-15 litres. How does that sound?