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Do you restore headlights?

Did you know worn out headlights put people at risk? You ask why?

Headlights of the car do not have the same life as that of your car. Cars these days last for years whereas the headlights are made of polycarbonate and get worn out within the first few years. This isn’t the fault of the manufacturers. The headlights are subjected to a lot of damage by UV rays, pollution, general oxidation that leads to the a foggy discolouration.

Coming back to why it’s a risk – the discolouration and cloudiness lowers the capability of the headlight to project light, which significantly reduces the efficiency of nighttime driving.

What is headlight Restoration?

It is a process of cleaning, sanding and polishing the lights in order to eliminate pollution and maintain its condition for ages. During the process, clear protective coating is applied to make the light look like a new one. If nicely executed, the restoration will bring back the original lighting performance of your car’s headlight and enhance the cosmetic appearance. Lower the risk of nighttime driving accidents.

Call us at 8010126126 to fix your headlights for not just your own safety but also that of your loved ones and others on the streets.