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We Steam. Cars Gleam. You Beam.

Effective immediately, our Noida centre would be closed on Sundays and Indirapuram, Gurugram and Faridabad centres would be closed on Mondays.

Why steam?

Steam cleaning works for both the interior and the exterior of a car.It can successfully clean vinyl, leather or fabric car seats, windows, carpet, vents, as well as the hood, doors, rims, wheel arches, etc. It is even a suitable method to clean the engine!

Why Should You Steam Clean Your Car
Chemicals are a health hazard because they can cause infection, allergic reaction, irritations, etc.
Steam has been proven to be the ideal mathod to remove stains, oil, grime, dirt, pet stains, pet fur, etc.
Steam cleaning car vents will bring these pathogens and allergens to the surface and kill them.
Steam can kill air pollutants and
deodorize the car.
A streaked windshield can impair vision and pose a threat to your
If you are doing something, do it right! This is the same philosophy that applies to car detailing.
You now have the option to go green by cleaning with steam.


Active Car Wash is a brand which is literally going to change the way people think about car cleaning.

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